Setting and Chasing a Goal in Investment

Our financial blunders have not only made us confront the hardest economic times and the complications of debt relief processes but also made us realize the significance of certain financial requirement and awareness which plays a crucial role in gaining us monetary literacy. Investment procedure is undoubtedly one of the most important financial decisions one has to take at the right time and with the right policies and products. However setting goals and chasing to achieve them forms the major part of the initiation and conclusion of the entire investment procedure. Having a goal thus is critical to your investment career as it gives directions to you and will also set your mind to reach that goal. So, before putting any money into stocks, the first question you should ask is what do you want to achieve with stock investing? For most investors the goal is to stay away from charity in investments and to want more return on the investment. In that case the particular goal will define the conditions and will determine the type of money market wherein the money would stand a possibility of growth and higher returns in share markets. Defining a goal also let the investor realize his/her wants, desires and necessities which gets veiled in daily life’s and money’s mad rat race. On the other hand an investor should always focus at the right goal or purpose which will secure his future financial prospects; thus he/she should understand the types of financial requirements and emergencies one may face in old age and should invest accordingly. There is nothing wrong with having an investment goal. Goal helps you to focus. While having a goal will not automatically boost your investment return, investors with a goal will find a way to boost their investment return. Finally, investors should set a realistic goal too. Expecting a 50 % annual return on your investment might not be achievable if you just start investing or if your past return had been less than 10%. Thus investment is a science of probability in sync with profitability which may invite the investors’ vast financial literacy and practical knowledge.

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