Mutual Funds Vs Individual Stocks

There has been a long and continual debate between individual stocks and mutual funds as to which one is better for there are positives and negatives for both, and you should try not to displace one with the other. As a matter of fact many investors have to face this dilemma to decide as which one of the options are going to work in their favor, but for making the correct decision one needs to have a sound knowledge of both. However a majority of the investors invest in both the options but they must avoid building debts at all costs and explore debt care solutions to get relief. Let us have a quick review of each of these options in little detail:

  • As far as the fees are concerned for mutual fund investments you are required to pay a fee which takes away a slice from your invested amount. Initially the fees may appear as less but mutual funds are well known for heightening their fees which in turn can deeply affect your returns, but with individual stocks there is only a one time brokerage and no other recurrent costs.
  • Mutual funds have an added advantage of diversification, which implies that these funds invest in different stocks which is very useful to compensate the risks and the fund managers may also think of investing in different companies in order to manage the fall in the prices of one with an increase in the price of the other while stock markets are largely based on the prices of the stocks which keeps changing.
  • While diversification may not be beneficial during hard times, but for individual stocks the level of the higher side of the stocks is higher as compared to the mutual funds.
  • For individual stocks you are actually becoming an owner of the company it would be easier for you take stock of your investments as compared to mutual funds which invest in too many different directions and it may be impossible to track the developments.
  • On purchasing a mutual fund you can actually have the cake and eat it too as it comprises of professional financial managers who are capable of picking the best investments around; on the other hand individual stocks are difficult to measure and one needs to have sharpening skills and a lot of homework to achieve success.
  • Individual stocks are far more risky as compared to mutual funds but at the same time there are quick returns for stocks unlike the mutual funds.

If you are looking forward to invest in any of these options you should have a thorough knowledge of both the investing options with a determined and careful approach to succeed.

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